A Fresh Approach to Financial Services! Part Time Jobs or Full Time


A career in a historically lucrative industry, with a fresh approach!

Why We're Different in Our Industry!

LIMRA says companies need the following six key factors to keep growth in the industry, we've got em' all!

  • Education First
  • Hiring Women
  • Technology
  • Millenials
  • Ethnic Markets
  • Fresh Faces to the Industry

Many people are looking for a fulfilling career and might not have considered financial services. We help people from all walks of life transition into a lucrative career in finance! 

We've Got What You are Looking For!

Priorities are shifting as more of us are looking for fulfilling and rewarding careers. The top five priorities are listed below and we've got em' all!


  • Meaning & Purpose-Culture & Cause
  • Challenging and Collaborative Work
  • Personal Development & Continuing Education
  • Mentorship
  • Income Potential

Our focus is on education first, an educated client is a client for life. We specialize in Fixed Indexed instruments and we teach through benefits not industry jargon!


Living Benefits ~ Life Insurance for LIFE

How would you pay for out-of-pocket expenses associated with An unexpected serious illness or accident1?

• 30%, would borrow from credit cards

 •17%, would borrow from 401(k) or other retirement account 

•13%, would borrow from friends or family

•19%, have no idea what they would do!

Life Insurance with Living Benefits offers clients benefits when they need them most

 Watch Cornelia's Story to learn more!

1“2011 Aflac WorkForces Report”, September 2011

Innovative Products for Savvy Clients!

Living Benefits

Why pay for life insurance that only pays if you die? With Living Benefits you can access your life insurance death benefit in the event of a Negative Life Event like heart attack, stroke or cancer. Why sell "death only" life insurance when you can offer so much more to your clients? 

Tax Free Indexed Account

Utilize a little know IRS tax code benefit to give your clients access to Tax-Free Retirement and Tax-Free tax free retirement College Savings account. Why pay taxes when you can have a Roth IRA on Steroids! 

Do you have an old 401k? Ask me about Rollover to a no risk, no fee Index Account. 

401(k)/IRA Rollover Indexed Account

Today clients are looking for a simple and safe option for 401(k) and IRA rollovers. We offer a guaranteed income option for clients where they can set it and forgetting, with the security of knowing their retirement savings will be there when they're ready. 

Our Team

Nicole J Caplette

 Nicole loves helping her clients create their own S.W.A.N plan to Sleep Well At Night… knowing their retirement funds and families are guaranteed to be protected and safe. 

 Preparing for your financial future is one of the most important steps you can take in life. From tax-advantaged strategies to lifetime income solutions, Nicole can help you create and enjoy the retirement of your dreams. 

Cheryl Callen

 Cheryl Callen, CPA and Financial Advisor, was born and raised in San Marcos, CA, and graduated from San Marcos High School in 1977. She attended Palomar College before moving to the Coeur d’Alene area of Idaho. There, she operated a small business for 16 years with her family, and understands, first-hand, the situations small business owners face on a daily basis. 

John Alford

John helps middle Americans protect their finances by "disarming financial risk." This is currently a part-time effort following his passion to educate and empower all Americans to make sound, safe financial decisions to benefit themselves, their families and their charities while avoiding unnecessary risk, taxes and fees. 

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